Promotional Items

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Ordering promotional items on your own can be much more difficult that it might appear. Trying to save money by ordering these give-a-ways yourself with an online vendor might actually end up costing much more, in time, aggravation, errors, re-dos, shipping costs and missed deadlines. Don’t leave to chance some faceless online company missing your important deadline while you try to save a few dollars! Let us manage the process seamlessly and effortlessly for you, while you concentrate on your job and what you do best. Let our on-staff experts here at Coastal Cat Printing handle the intricacies, details, hidden traps, and secret tricks for you when getting your organization’s promotional products.

The list of products is almost endless…but here are a few of the most popular promotional items:

Golf Balls

If you are interested in making promotional pieces like these work for your company, we would be happy to assist you in this venture. Just ask us how!